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Do you feel bad about your relationship? offers support and information for who you are up to 20 years old and are experiencing abuse in your relationship, have a friend who is, or if you are the one abusing your partner. The abuse may be ongoing or it may have happened sometime in the past.

Our chat is open every evening between 20-22.

Here you can also read about different types of violence, warning signs and what a healthy relationship can be like.

Are you in a healthy relationship?

Is the person you’re with very jealous? Are they trying to restrict who you can see, what you can wear or what you can do? Have you felt you had to agree to sex you don’t really want, or agree to something so they won’t get angry?

Have you felt that you were pushing your partner to do something that they don’t really want to do? Are you worried that you are not behaving as well as you should?

Is your friend in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be fair? Are you wondering if they might be being abused by their partner, or if they might be behaving violently?

Violence can take many forms – but it is never okay. We’re here if you want to talk about it.