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    The video is currently only available in Swedish.

    Having a mental, physical or learning disability can mean you are dependent on other people, aids or medicine in your daily life. A partner, for example, can be an important emotional or physical support. But it can lead to an imbalance of power that they can abuse emotionally, physically, sexually or financially. A partner can also use the person’s aids and medication to perpetrate abuse, for example by hiding them.

    It can be even more difficult to seek support after you have been subjected to abuse or assault if you’re met with ignorance and prejudice. An example of prejudice is when other people think that people with physical disabilities don’t have an active sex life and so they can’t be subjected to sexual abuse. This is obviously not true. Unfortunately, someone with a disability can be subjected to the same types of abuse as other people, and there are strong indications that they are much more likely to be subjected to abuse than people who don’t have a disability.

    Regardless of what you feel or what you’ve been through, it can be important to have someone to talk to. Here at you can chat with volunteers who know that abuse can, sadly, affect everyone, also those with a mental, physical or learning disability. We can give you support and information via the chat in Swedish and often in English.