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Are you abusing your partner?

    The video is currently only available in Swedish.

    Have you ever crossed your partner’s emotional, physical, sexual or digital boundaries?

    Emotional abuse might be always wanting to know where your girlfriend or boyfriend is and who they’re with. It can also be threatening to harm them. Sexual abuse is doing something sexual to someone who hasn’t said they agree to it 100%. Physical abuse might be holding someone down, throwing something at them or choking them. Digital absue includes texting the person you’re with all the time to see where they are, logging in to your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s social media account, or using the internet to humiliate or threaten them.

    These examples can also involve someone you’re not in a relationship with but see regularly or sleep with, or someone you used to go out with.


      The video is currently only available in Swedish.

      • I have done things to or with my partner’s body that they say hurt, are unpleasant or that I could see they didn’t like. For example, held them down, pushed them, thrown something at them, hit them or choked them.
      • I’ve done sexual things to my partner even though I haven’t been sure they want me to. For example, forced myself on them with my lips, tongue, fingers or my sex, secretly filmed us having sex or taken advantage of them being asleep or drunk/under the influence of drugs.
      • I’ve crossed my partner’s boundaries digitally. For example, secretly checked their mobile phone, tablet or computer, logged in to their private accounts, or spread photos or information without their permission or made them give me their passwords.
      • My partner is sometimes afraid of me.
      • I often get jealous and I usually tell my partner what clothes or make-up I want them to wear and which friends it’s ok for them to meet.
      • I’ve pressured my partner to do things they don’t want to do.
      • I’ve threatened to harm myself or my partner.
      • I’ve threatened to harm someone close to my partner, like a member of their family or a pet.
      • I’m often aggressive towards my partner, I flare up, destroy things, become physically threatening.
      • I think I often become a bit too angry and argue a lot with my partner, for example I raise my voice and yell hurtful things.

      Do you need help to change your behaviour?

        Are you worried that you might act abusive towards your partner? Are you afraid you might be behaving in a way that isn’t okay?

        If so, then you already know your behaviour is not acceptable. What you are doing may be a criminal offence, and it may affect your partner in several ways. It’s important that you reflect over your behaviour and how it can affect and hurt the person you’re together with.

        Here you can read more about which consequences your behaviour can have. You probably don’t feel too good. Hopefully, you’ll stop hurting the person you’re together with. If you do, then reading this and other texts about abuse in intimate relationships will have been a huge first step. The next step should be to completely stop all forms of harassment, threatening behaviour, control, violence and any other forms of assault.

        Do you want help to manage your jealousy or other negative behaviours? Are you worried that you might be an abuser, or need support to stop abusing your partner? You can chat anonymously with us at At the moment we are only able to offer support and information via the chat in Swedish and, in most cases, in English.