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Digital abuse

    By digital abuse we mean that your partner monitors, harasses or controls you, for example with the help of your mobile phone or on social media.

    Examples of digital abuse:

    • Secretly reading your messages or email
    • Finding out your passwords, or demanding to have the passwords as proof of your love/honesty
    • Logging in to your social media, email and other accounts
    • Deciding who you can be friends with or follow on social media, or who you should delete/block
    • Writing and posting things from your accounts or your mobile phone without your permission, e.g. pretending to be you
    • Spreading a private/sexual image or film of you to friends or strangers, or on a porn site
    • Spreading rumours or private information about you digitally
    • Downloading an app to your mobile phone that allows them to see where you are
    • Checking up on you by constantly checking what you’re doing on social media
    • Sending you threatening or nasty messages
    • Continuing to send texts and other messages when you’ve asked them to stop
    • Sending you an excessive number of texts and messages can be a way of controlling you
    • Do you feel you always have to stop what you’re doing to answer? Are you afraid you’ll be punished or made to feel guilty if you don’t answer straight away? If the answer is yes, then texting may be a form of digital abuse.