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Do you know someone who treats their partner badly?

    The video is currently only available in swedish.

    Do you think someone close to you is treating the person they’re with badly? Are you worried they’re committing emotional, physical, sexual or digital abuse?

    Whether it’s your best friend or someone you don’t know very well, what you do matters. The same applies if you are a parent or an adult who works with young people. Choosing to close your eyes and not do anything can have devastating consequences for the person being abused. It can lead to the abuse and assaults continuing. Both the victim and the abuser may notice that people around them can’t be bothered, don’t want to or don’t dare to get involved. Imagine how you would feel if you saw that people around you knew about the abuse and didn’t do anything. You are important, and what you do can make a huge difference! Trust your gut instinct.

    Tell the person what you have heard, seen and observed and make it clear that their behaviour is not acceptable. Deciding to have that conversation may be hard and it may feel scary but it’s important. Don’t try to diminish or explain away the abuse and assaults.

    Do you need support and help with what you should do? Chat with us anonymously every night at 20-22.