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Knowledge Centre for Youth Relations – KUR

The Knowledge Centre for Youth Relations (KUR) will focus on the issues of male violence against girls, violence in young people’s partnerships and factors affecting young people’s relationships such as pornography, mental health and exposure to and perpetration of violence. It will collect, support and make available knowledge and research and be a driving force in the above-mentioned issues. The Knowledge Centre is assisted by an expert group of leading researchers and experts in the field.

KUR will publish research in an accessible format, report news and advocate in the field, and develop and collect methods to counter violence in and promote healthy non-violent young relationships.

The first publication released by KUR is the report “One year with – experiences and knowledge about boys’ violence against girls and violence in young people’s partner relationships”. You can find it further down the page, click on the image to download or click on the title above.

Expert Group

Carolina Överlien – Professor NKVTS and Department of Social Work, Stockholm University

Linda Jonsson – Lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University.

Anita Kruse – Former head of VKV Västra Götaland’s competence centre for domestic violence. Now on NNS – National Network of Coordination Agencies.

Anna Palm – Senior physician at the women’s clinic and youth clinic in Sundsvall and researcher.

Olga Persson – President of Unizon.

Ulla Thorslund – Leg. psychologist specialising in, among other things, young people who sexually abuse others.

Erika Gyllenswärd – Police Inspector and Business Developer for Crime in Close Relationships at the National Operational Department/Development Centre West.

The work of the Expert Group is led by

Zandra Kanakaris – Secretary General of the 1000 Possibilities Foundation, which runs

More names will be added.