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Legal support

Do you have legal questions about your or a friend’s situation? Perhaps you are wondering what can be a crime, what happens when you report something to the police or how a legal process works and when you have the right to a plaintiff’s counsel?

Some of the answers can be found here.

But you can also get help from us at by emailing your question to our lawyer at

You have the right to remain anonymous and choose whether or not to give your name when asking your question. Information is kept only as long as it is relevant to our business.

The person answering your question is Caroline Brännström, a lawyer currently working at WEGA Advokater. Caroline has several years of experience working with young victims and has mainly worked as a counsellor in cases of domestic and sexual violence – both online and offline sexual abuse.

In her work as a lawyer, Caroline has met many young victims of crime whom she has assisted both during a police investigation and before and during a trial, and she has also lectured at, among others. police academy on the role of lawyer and plaintiff’s counsel.

As a lawyer, Caroline is bound by professional secrecy, which means that she cannot discuss your case with anyone else, and you can rest assured that your questions and any information provided to her will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.