About us

Ungarelationer.se is a national support and knowledge platform to counteract abuse in young people’s intimate relationships. It is for young people aged up to 20, regardless of whether they are the victim of abuse, the abuser or a friend of someone who is a victim/abuser.

Ungarelationer.se is run by 1000 Möjligheter, which has met young people subjected to abuse since 2010, both online in our chat and at our 1000 centre. The 1000 Möjligheter website is currently only available in Swedish and English.

At ungarelationer.se we fight for young people’s rights every day. Everything we do is based on what we know about violence, gender and power. We work to prevent young people from subjecting others, or themselves being subjected, to abuse. We are active throughout Sweden, as well as in international projects.


We work with prevention and support aimed at our target group of children and young people, based on an understanding of power, gender and abuse. Contacting us is the first step towards changing your life. We have extensive experience and competence when it comes to meeting young people in vulnerable situations.

In the chat young people meet specially trained volunteers who believe them. Who listen, offer support and encouragement and help them to see their options, but who do not make choices for them. Our support work takes place all over Sweden.

At the 1000 centre, young people can talk to our psychologists, who have specialist competence and experience of meeting young people who have been victims of violence in their relationships, sexual violence, prostitution and human trafficking. All the conversations at our centre are free of charge and and no referral is needed.


We who work with the consequences of violence see the possibilities for prevention. We believe in breaking the link between masculinity and violence. We want to see a world where every individual can grow up free from stereotypical notions of gender. That’s why we work with violence prevention.

We do this, among other things, by educating adults who work with young people. We have also done this through our business Lockerroom, which at present is unfortunately not running due to lack of resources. Lockerroom was created to give young guys a platform to discuss and reflect together with conversation leaders who have knowledge of masculinity norms.

We strive for violence prevention work to have a greater place in society, for it to take place in a structured manner and primarily through early efforts within the violence. We are convinced that strong violence prevention work must include a critical approach to mainstream porn.


We have thousands of conversations a year with young people who live in difficult situations. We also meet several of them at our reception. Through these meetings and conversations, we gather large amounts of knowledge and experience which we in turn pass on to those who need it most. Politicians, decision-makers and especially the adults who meet young people every day – teachers, socionomers, curators, doctors, and youth leaders. We are a voice for the young people we meet and we shape opinion and spread knowledge so that children and young people will have a better life. Because young people today are the adults of tomorrow, and the parents of future generations of children.


Ungarelationer.se is run by 1000 Möjligheter, which is a fund-raising foundation and under the full supervision of the Stockholm county administration board (Länsstyrelsen).

Our funding comes from several sources. We receive state grants, as well as local and regional grants. We are also funded through sales of our own services, such as lectures and workshops.

Here you can read more about 1000 Möjligheter, our values and our work.


You can chat with us every evening between 20 and 22. At the moment we can offer support and information via the chat in Swedish, and most of the time in English too. For other contact, email info@ungarelationer.se. We can answer inquiries in Swedish and English.

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