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Physical abuse

    The video is currently only available in Swedish.

    Physical abuse is often called “assault”, and is when someone does something to your body that causes you pain or makes you feel uneasy. It can lead to marks on your body or to injury. Physical abuse is never acceptable, no matter what happened before.

    Examples of physical abuse:

    • Holding you hard, squeezing, pinching or scratching you.
    • Pushing or standing on you.
    • Hitting or kicking you.
    • Pulling your hair or clothes.
    • Holding a knife or other weapon against you.
    • Throwing something at you.
    • Choking you.
    • Grabbing your face and forcing you to look them in the eye.
    • Holding you down with the weight of their body so you can’t move.
    • Hiding your wheelchair, crutches, medication or other aids you might need to move around and for your health.