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Support for parents

Information and support for parents is available at

Many parents don’t know much about violence in young people’s relationships, which can be difficult if you’re dating someone who is abusive or if you’re worried about abusing your partner. If you think your parents (or other adults you know) need to know more about violence in young people’s relationships, you can tell them about

It can also be nice to tell parents/adults and ask them to read more so that you don’t have to tell and explain everything yourself. By learning more, they can understand what’s going on and help you better. Your parents may also need help and support – they can contact our psychologists via chat and phone if they want to talk to someone.

Although it may seem difficult to involve your parents, it is often important for things to get better. If you don’t think your parents can help you, maybe there’s another adult you can turn to? Remember that we here at are here for you too if you need us. We listen to you and you can be anonymous.

Are you an adult and want to know more?

At there is good information for parents and adults, and you can also get help and support via chat or phone.

The information at is unfortunately currently only available in swedish.