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Your relationship seems to be healthy

But remember this is just a quiz and it doesn’t say anything about what your situation is like in reality. Here you can read more about what a healthy relationship can look like. It is also important to remember that a relationship that seems good to start with can turn bad later and you should be aware of the warning signs.

If your partner is jealous: We have often learned that jealousy is a sign of “true love” or that someone really cares about us. That’s not true. Jealousy comes from a need to control and an insecurity. It’s not something you should have to put up with, and it should never affect you negatively. Read more here about how different kinds of abuse can affect you.

Being able to be yourself is an important part of any relationship. There may be some things you don’t feel comfortable with at the beginning of a relationship before you’ve got to know each other. But after that first “getting-to-know each other” time you should be able to be yourself 100%. The person you’re with should want to be with you because of who you are, not because you will become someone else.

Asking where someone is or who they’re with may be a perfectly natural question from time to time, but if your partner asks you repeatedly it can be a sign of a need to control you. Read more here.

PS. If the person you’re with has ever read your messages or mail, remember: your messages are your own, no one has the right to read them; not to read them secretly, or to demand to read them, or to be given your passwords. You can read more about what we call digital abuse here.